Since the summer of 2002, it has been our privilege to be located in the vibrant southwest quadrant of the Salt Lake Valley. Trinity Baptist Church is easily reached from any major highway in the area.
     If you are seeking a friendly church dedicated to careful Bible study with clear guidelines for daily living, as well as preparation for eternity, we invite you to consider this ministry.
     In more than 40 years of ministry, I have never been part of a more caring, exciting, or balanced group. Something very special is happening at Trinity. Our guests often comment about the friendly welcome and genuine acceptance they sense here.
     Reverent worship without being stuffy, a distinctly doctrinal emphasis, vigorous evangelism, respectful help for those transitioning from other religious backgrounds, problem solving, diversity and liberty without compromise—these are all descriptive of the kind of church we strive to be.
                          —Lloyd A. Larkin, Pastor

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